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Partnership saves midmarket building supplier $50k in mobile costs

Steve Brown, VP of Management Information Systems at ECMD, brings nearly four decades of IT experience in the manufacturing sector to his current role. But don’t let the twang of his Southern drawl or deep technical knowledge in supply chain excellence mislead as an old-school practitioner, rigid and set in his ways.

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Steve Brown, VP MIS at ECMD, accepts the Midmarket CIO Award of Excellence from Charles Badoian, Boardroom Events President (left); Stacy Whitley and Lori Durham of Cellular Optimization; and Melissa Park, VP, Sales Development, Boardroom Events.

Last October, Brown was honored by his peers with the Award of Excellence in the Office of Midmarket CIO for his partnership with Cellular Optimization which shaved more than $50,000 off the company’s annual wireless expense.

The North Carolina-based building products manufacturer and distributor, comprised of four companies, uses rigorously maintained standardized processes to reduce costs and increase reliability. They even have a Business Process Management department that standardizes and audits processes for every task to minimize human error and keep costs down.

Instead of fitting the company’s round business processes into the square package of an off the shelf solution, Brown and his team customize the company’s software for everything from warehouse management to delivery routes. The result is reduced labor costs, fewer errors and customers who never have to wait “until the truck is full” to receive their hardwood floors, crown mouldings or stairway systems.

Keeping pace with today’s on-demand, 24-hour economy, ECMD developed a suite of applications, now functioning on both iOS and Android devices, that enable both sales managers and customers to view real time pricing, place orders and track the status of their deliveries.

Wireless costs slowly began increasing each month. Despite intensive data gathering and auditing from hundreds of pages of invoices and manually building a cost report for the executive team, the IT team still did not have a complete picture of the organization’s wireless cost structure. So, on top of significant daily responsibilities across the company, the IT team was tasked with reining in the costs of the mobility.

The Cellular Optimization team, using their proprietary MAX-Ops software, immediately made an impact on ECMD’s mobility bottom line.

After analyzing three months of invoices and referencing their aggregate database of available carrier plans, they matched each ECMD user to the most cost effective plan given their usage patterns – with no change in carriers. In only one month, ECMD saw a 30 percent reduction in their cost per user, which equated to over $50,000 in gross annualized savings.

In addition, the detailed reporting provided by the Cellular Optimization team directly addressed ECMD’s other challenges.

From midmarket summary reports to granular individual user detail, their team provides ECMD with complete visibility into every facet of their wireless environment, producing the data needed to swiftly and efficiently identify and investigate anomalies, Brown explained.

The result is not only liberating IT from analyzing invoices, building reports and addressing concerns of management, but Cellular Optimization also provides weekly usage reports for employees.

“The company’s mobile spend is easily billed out to the operating divisions across the business, not solely to IT department,” Brown said. “Those savings are now going straight to the bottom line (profits) of those operating divisions, thus making the entire company more successful.”

Austin | October 15 - 17, 2017

Blair Shiver
Blair Shiver
Blair is a communications specialist with 15 years experience in the print media sector. Prior to joining Boardroom Events, she was a member of an accomplished sales team in the New York City real estate market. Much of her spare time is spent working with local and regional non-profits to help underserved children and promote sustainable development.​
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