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Melissa Park, VP Business Development, and Dawn Shultz, VP Sales

My colleague Dawn Shultz and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Chicago (no pun intended!) to kick off an awesome new year of IT and business networking.

Boardroom Events was started with a core group of folks who’ve worked together for more than two decades at Gartner and Vision Events. Our president, Charles Badoian, pioneered the hosted events model, and it’s still the most effective way to engage and connect buyers and sellers of technology.

The Midmarket CIO Forum is the company’s flagship event, and though there are tons of trade shows, events and user conferences for executives to attend and vendors to sponsor, there’s one main reason BE Forums are preferred – our people.

We carefully research, interview and qualify everyone who attends Midmarket CIO Forum – both the executives and the vendors. Time is the most precious commodity, so if people are taking time away from their office, their families and their daily lives, we work diligently to ensure it’s well spent.

Executives, vendors and Info-Tech researchers network in Chicago

In between our Spring and Fall Forums, some members of our strong but mighty team hit the road to spread the word about the efficiency of our model. We host CIOs and vendors alongside our content partners like Info-Tech Research Group and Tim Scannell of the CIO Executive Council to share our focused format in a more intimate setting.

And every single time, I’m blown away at the dynamic and powerful conversations that take place.

When we’re heads down on making sales goals or completing long-term projects on time and under budget, it can be challenging to see the forest for the trees. But when we commit just a couple of hours to step away from the daily grind, it’s amazing how productive a change of scenery and a new connection can make us!

Austin | October 15 - 17, 2017

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