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Applause for commitment to the midmarket

Charles Badoian

Charles Badoian, President and Co-Founder, Boardroom Events

Trying to contain my excitement after an event like the Spring 2017 Midmarket CIO Forum last week in Savannah, Ga. is hard, so I wanted to share a brief thank you to all our participating executives and sponsoring vendors.

Our Boardroom Events team and support staff are merely facilitators, and the only reason our business works is because of you. Everyone in attendance at our Midmarket CIO Forum went above and beyond to make the event a phenomenal success.

To all the technology leaders: once again, thank you for stepping away from your hectic days in the office to spend a brief time with your IT peers. You shared the solutions and partners enabling you and your team to innovate across your companies. Those collaborative discussions in the boardrooms, at roundtables and impromptu conversations are a cornerstone of the Midmarket CIO Forum’s success.

To the technology providers that sent their best and brightest to highlight products, services, use cases, and solutions while answering the tough questions posed by the captive executives: Congratulations on earning the trust and prospective business of our CIO audience!

We consider all of you part of this continually expanding midmarket family…if there’s anything I personally or my team can do to help facilitate interaction, learning, knowledge exchange and support, please reach out.

We only grow as a group, and thank you again for helping us make it happen.


Austin | October 15 - 17, 2017

Charles Badoian
Charles Badoian
For more than two decades, Charles Badoian has participated in the launch, development, acquisition and sale of innovative new media and events businesses. Prior to launching Boardroom Events, he served as a VP Program Management for Gartner Events Worldwide. He pioneered and led the hosted executive events business and successful international expansion of numerous executive summits including: Gartner’s Energy & Utilities Summit, Gartner’s China Sourcing Summit, The Global Sourcing Summit, Gartner’s Healthcare IT Summit, Midsize Enterprise Summit, Project & Portfolio Management Summit, Print & Imaging Summit, the Gartner Symposium Invitation Program, and most recently the Midmarket CIO Forum, Enterprise Mobility Forum and Midmarket CMO Forum.
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