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Unleash the Power of IT

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Innovation is no longer a pesky buzzword tossed about in executive meetings; it’s imperative for midmarket organizations to remain competitive in the marketplace. Digital innovation carries different meaning across industry verticals, but IT leaders are tasked with leading successful initiatives to empower finance, HR, and sales teams to function more efficiently and cohesively. However Talent […]
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It’s Not Easy Being Green

ITSM Envy and the Midmarket In February’s BE Informed Newsletter, I discussed how we frequently refer to midmarket organizations as the middle child of companies. You are in a class by yourself with distinctive concerns and needs – sandwiched between the world of SMBs and the enterprise players. As the middle child, midmarket companies have […]
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Satisfying the Middle Child

The Unique Challenges of Managing IT Support in the Midmarket I sometimes refer to the midmarket as the ‘middle child’ of organizations. As a mid-sized company, you are firmly situated between the SMB of yesterday and the not quite enterprise of tomorrow. You’ve grown – perhaps organically or through mergers and acquisitions – and although […]
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Step Away from the Laptop

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One of the main reasons my husband and I launched Boardroom Events and moved aboard our sailboat was to escape New England’s frigid winters for location independence. At my core is an eternal curiosity, constantly yearning to meet new people and celebrate new experiences. While I absolutely love living in the Florida Keys, an undeniable […]
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Become an Insights Driven Midmarket Organization

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While analytics can be developed and leveraged across the business, midmarket companies have seen greatest success when focusing on the customer Three key areas to focus resources Midsized organizations today face a complex set of issues in the marketplace. Customer expectations keep climbing, data sources and customer engagement points continue to multiply and internal demands to drive […]
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How today’s CIO thinks about sourcing technology

There is perhaps an over abundance of content, coverage and opinion about the evolving role of the CIO. IT leaders are continually juggling rapidly evolving technologies while also being tasked with leading transformational efforts across their organizations. As a result, many are in fact already well down the path of evolution. What influence does this evolution have on […]
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Cyber Security: Not just an IT problem

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IT leaders are perpetually on the hot seat to shore up their companies’ networks and infrastructure against increasingly aggressive cyber security threats. With nearly 30 years in technology roles, the majority of those spent in the U.S. Air Force as a Logistics Systems Manager, R.C. Woodson can fairly effortlessly prepare a security strategy. But as seasoned […]
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