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Applause for commitment to the midmarket

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Trying to contain my excitement after an event like the Spring 2017 Midmarket CIO Forum last week in Savannah, Ga. is hard, so I wanted to share a brief thank you to all our participating executives and sponsoring vendors. Our Boardroom Events team and support staff are merely facilitators, and the only reason our business works […]
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How today’s CIO thinks about sourcing technology

There is perhaps an over abundance of content, coverage and opinion about the evolving role of the CIO. IT leaders are continually juggling rapidly evolving technologies while also being tasked with leading transformational efforts across their organizations. As a result, many are in fact already well down the path of evolution. What influence does this evolution have on […]
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Cracking the midmarket code

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Selling to the midmarket CIO will not work. They’re looking for business partners. Midmarket companies’ business models these days seem to be like living in an incredibly beautiful, but economically challenging locale like the Florida Keys: in order to succeed, one must be either highly specialized or highly diversified. According to the National Center for […]
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Building Bridges Between IT and the Enterprise

    Matthew Peeples, President of Advanced MarketPlace (AMP) Technology is the very fabric by which business gets done, but technology decisions are shifting toward lines of business and no longer rest solely on IT. End users are now IT consumers, and support for these users is shifting. Proliferation of mobile computing, apps, social media, cloud and on-demand […]
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ERP in the Midmarket Space: Migration, Consolidation and Service Contract Management

  There’s certainly no shortage of vendors with proven enterprise resource planning software to help connect business operations, but for midmarket companies with strict budgets and limited staff resources, ERP implementation and migration can be make-or-break career moves for CIOs. Last week, several executives from a variety of national and international industry verticals gathered to […]
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Cloud as a Culture

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Cloud is not a technology. Cloud is not a service. Cloud is not a platform. Cloud is not a tool. Cloud is not even really a noun anymore…… Why is it that DevOps, CI/CD, Automation, Agile methodologies and other technologies/methodologies are so closely associated to the word Cloud?  Recently a colleague comment on an article […]
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Workforce Management: Assessing Talent Risk

Midmarket executives in the Boardroom Events community repeatedly discuss common challenges around staff retention, succession planning and customer engagement. Boardroom Events is proud to partner with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) on their latest research around talent risk management. This study will investigate strategies companies use to identify which employees are at risk of […]
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Customer-Centric Security

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 By Harrison Lewis, CIO, Northgate Markets   The data we protect is not our own. But the responsibility to protect it is. As the person who heads up information technology, and therefore information security, for a retail company, I get a mild case of heartburn each time I read headlines about data breaches affecting my […]
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